Dinner on The 10th is based on the idea that the guest should experience unrestricted and uninhibited skill, personality, technique and expression of a Chef by letting go of personal barriers and trusting the Chef with your meal. 

Full disclosure:

We respect whole animal sustainability, local ingredients, the seasons and humane treatment of animals.

Things that some may generally consider to be icky and most personal restrictions will probably be denied by the Chef at this dinner. All intolerance (with the exception of deadly food allergies) will be considered a personal choice and will not be considered in the preparation of this menu. Menu will probably contain gluten.

Menu will be free form, subject to last minute planning, the Chef’s mood, shifts in the earth, the bounty of the land, life, death, bombings, burnings, globalization, global warming, honesty, secret agendas, made from scratch, bleeding hearts (please note: menu may contain said bleeding heart).

Menu will be finalized by the Chef on the day of event. 100% guarantee the event will happen and will be a unique dining experience. 

Please note. If you don't play well with others, this experience is not for you. 

Scullion Coleman

Sine Labore Nihil